The Giraffes

Us. In 30 seconds (because that’s all we seem to have nowadays). With roots going back to 2001, Go Giraffe Go is a mighty advertising and graphic design firm that is able to bring deep magic to your marketing—from strategy and developing or enhancing brands to creative concepts, graphic design, and copywriting.  We’re the people you see when you want passion and results. No matter the application—whether it’s a logo, multi-media campaign, website, book design, radio campaign or television/video spot—smart, analytical approaches and great creativity prevail.  (27 seconds. Not bad, eh?).


Giraffes and Circuses

A seemingly natural fit. We get that; however, we pride ourselves on being the giraffes out on the savannah—wildly creative and quick to great concepts and to help our fellow animals in trouble. In our projects, we avoid being a three-ring circus like we avoid worms on the leaves. We promise.