A Tower of Giraffes

All animals have collective nouns to represent them (i.e., a murder of crows, a bevy of businessmen, etc.) and for giraffes it’s a “tower of giraffes.” Our tower is tall with experience—with the principals having more than 27 years of advertising experience each and the entire team having an average of 19.5 years of experience. So, here’s our tower of giraffes and what pantone colour their spots would be if they could choose ‘em.


Tania Wolk

Co-Principal, Graphic Designer, Strategist

I choose Pantone rainbow. I can’t be pigeon holed. I can’t be stuck in a box. I can’t pick just one. Even if I was stranded on a desert island I would take them all.

The world’s a vivid place; it’s not a monochromatic wasteland. But I do like ‘em bright and bold.


Adam MacDonald

Office Manager

My favourite Pantone colour is 354.
Because it's green.
The Best Green.
(If you wish to debate this, please complete the following form in triplicate and submit it.)


Sabrina Heywood

Client Account Manager

Pantone 7722 C. This colour looks better on your walls than on your computer screen, the fact that I can’t be sure you’re seeing it just perfectly is an issue for me.

It really needs to be experienced.

It’s not blue. It’s not green. It’s beautiful and ambiguous and strong. It also looks great with my eyes.

Meghan Trenholm

Client Account Manager

I chose Pantone 2347 XGC. Bright red. I seek balance and sometimes you walk into a room full of blue and green. What does it need? Red. Red lipstick, red flowers, laughing until you’re red in the face.


Tracy Pokrzywa

Graphic Designer

Mine is 575C.

Love green. This green, not a vibrant green. I would live outside in the forest (or a Japanese garden) if I could. But only when it is green. No snow.

Green is our livelihood. It is what feeds us and calms us.

If you ever need a moment of calm, just find a green space, it will surprise you.

Asiya Ahmed

Business Associate

I choose Pantone 113U. It is the colour of sunflowers, summer dresses, leaves in the fall, and vintage cars you imagine yourself driving towards the sunset in.

It is uplifting and electric. It radiates hope, happiness, and sunshine.


Cassandra Smith

Administration & Billing

877 is my favourite Pantone colour.

All my clothes are this colour.

All my walls and furniture are this colour.

All my appliances are this colour.

As is my car.