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Refrigerateur Brandt, ca. 1950 designed by Hervé Morvan

Heer Textiles 1950’s, artist/designer unknown

Indesit Advertisement, artist/designer unknown, ca 1960

Doll hospital advertisement, Belgium, ca 1940s, artist unknown

Giraffe Blue Label, Mentone Heights California, artist unknown

Flyer, American, designer unknown 


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Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus, ca 1934, designer unknown

Barnum & Bailey Circus, ca Giraffes 1920’s, designer unknown

Carson & Barnes, artist unknown

Hagenbeck-Wallace, artist/designer unknown

Life, “The Nectarine” (1921) FX Leyendecker – 009

Copenhagen Zoo poster c1902, showing the zoo’s first giraffe, Mimi, artist unknown

Carson & Barnes 5 Ring Circus Featuring A Live Giraffe circus poster ‘40s, artist unknown



Polish match box. Artist/designer unknown

Giraffe Brand safety matches, artist unknown

 “Impregnated” matches, Norway, artist unknown

“The Giraffe Safety Match” designer unknown, 1878

Zoo Brand, artist unknown

Giraffe Firecracker Brick Label, Hong Kong, artist unknown

Firecrackers, Taiwan, artist unknown

Twiga Safety matches, artist unknown



Paul Colin, vintage travel poster by

Frank Macintosh, Asia Magazine Cover, , 1929

Africa BOAC 1956 Giraffe British Airways Vintage Airline poster

Africa cruises, c1929, artist unknown

Aage Rasmussen, Scandinavian airline poster 1945

William F. Schey/Harry Rogers, Quantas Travel Posters, ca 1950s-60s

David Klein, commissioned to illustrate a series of travel posters for Trans World Airlines (Orbitz) ca 1957,

Raymond Savignac (French), iconic Air France advertising poster



Czechoslovakia 40h Giraffe Zirafa (Giraffa camelopardalis) , designer unknown

Christmas Around The World - Stamp Community Forum - Botswana giraffe stamp, 1970, artist unknown

Issued on 7th May 1958 in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Frankfurt Zoo. The stamp was designed and printed by A. and G. Haller.

Mozambique Company, 1937, artist unknown

Lao Stamp, 1986, artist unknown

Germany, SkribelkaBends 1965, artist unknown

Antique stamp from Tanganyika. Tanganyika and Zanzibar combined to make the modern country of Tanzania, artist unknown

Czechosłowacja 40 by stampolina, via Flickr