Our Work

Great advertising is about great relationships. So, let’s just say it: Coffee. Give us a call, let’s get together (that’s where the coffee comes in, or sometimes tea) and chat about what you’re looking for and what you’re dreaming of accomplishing.  We will put together a portfolio of work to show you in person of what we’ve done in the past and to give you a good idea of our approach and creative thinking. And then together we’ll see if it’s a good fit, because who doesn’t want great advertising (and coffee for that matter)?


Giraffes and Matches


A striking good fit. Giraffes were often put on matchboxes. We don’t know why, perhaps because their long necks reminded people of a long match? (Who knows?) For us, we know that our giraffe magic often sparks great concepts. Kind of like out-of-the-box thinking with fireworks.